Costs STD test

Unique 3-in-1 STD test for absolute certainty

Good testing is important, you can prevent infertility with it. That's why we do this more extensively than most practices and online SOA testing.
They often only offer 1 test per body area, so you have to request multiple tests to check more locations (sometimes up to 6 tests).

We have developed an STD test that covers all sex areas out there (mouth, throat, penis / vagina and anus) at the same time.

We test for the 2 most common infections:

  • On a chlamydia infection.
  • On the combination chlamydia / gonorrhea-infection.
  • So not on HIV / Lues / Hepatitis. Go to your doctor for this.

 Why should you test all areas?

  • Because a vaginal chlamydia is treated differently than an anal chlamydia.
  • Because it saves a lot of money (testing 3 to 6 areas is normally a costly matter when you consider that 1 test costs an average of € 40). 

We found something for that: