Costs four our (3-in-1) STD tests

Unique 3-in-1 STD test for absolute certainty

Reliable testing is important: you can prevent infertility with it. That is why we do this more extensively than most GPs and online STD tests. There is often only 1 area or a maximum of 2 areas tested and you have to request multiple tests (sometimes up to 6 tests).

We have developed an STD test for all sex areas (mouth, throat, penis/vagina and anus) at the same time.

We test for the most common infections:

  • for a chlamydia infection
  • and for the combination of a chlamydia/gonorrhea infection

 Why should you test all areas?

  • Because a vaginal chlamydia is treated differently than an anal chlamydia
  • Because it saves a lot in costs (testing 3 to 6 areas is normally a costly matter if you consider that 1 test costs between 25 and 35 euros).

We found something for that:

  • If you order one chlamydia combination test, you can take a sample from 3 body areas. Costs: € 39.-
  • If you order one chlamydia/gonorrhea combination test, you can also take a sample from 3 body areas. Costs: € 59,-