Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our STD tests or something else? View the frequently asked questions (FAQ) here or contact us.

Can I only order an STD test if I am a student?
No. Anyone can order our STD tests, even if you are not a student. The reason we focus on students is because our experience (as a general practitioner) has shown that students are a high-risk group with a relatively high number of STDs. Our goal is to help and keep as many people as possible from their STDs, which is why we made this choice. But don't worry: everyone can use our SOA tests!

Where can I see the result?
You can view the results of your STD test anonymously via this website, if you have sent the STD test to the lab free of charge by post. Enter the unique code you received in your confirmation email on the results page† This can generally be done within 4 working days after dispatch to the lab (note that most mailboxes are emptied by the postal service at 5 pm).

What is a 3-in-1 STD test and why do you offer it?
Research has shown that vaginal chlamydia often coexists with anal chlamydia, even if you haven't had anal sex. Anal chlamydia requires a different treatment than vaginal chlamydia. At the moment, many authorities only test in one sex area, so women often do not receive the treatment they need to fight 'all' chlamydia. That is why we have developed a unique 3-in-1 test in which you can have vaginal, anal and oral tests and therefore have more certainty of a reliable result.
Extra advantage for you: this is also a lot cheaper than ordering several separate tests!

How soon will I receive a message?
You will receive an email when your test result is known. The results are generally known within 4 working days and you can view them anonymously via our website results page.

Do you ensure discreet shipping?
Yes, this is of great importance to us. The shipping material is not transparent and there is no text on it that shows that you ordered an STD test (so also our name is not on it).

Do I have to be registered with StudentArts?
No. StudentArts is a general practice for residents and students in Groningen. SoaStudentArts was conceived and implemented from this practice, so that you are assured of high-quality test quality. You do not need to be registered with this practice to use our STD tests: anyone can order our STD tests.

What do you offer as a treatment in the event of a positive test?
In consultation with the pharmacy and the general practitioner, we have decided in most cases to prescribe the following medication for a positive chlamydia test:

Women: doxycycline 100 mg 2 times a day 1 tablet for 7 days.
Men: azithromycin 500 mg 1 x 2 pieces once.

In some cases, for example if there is also a gonorrhea infection or certain allergies, additional or different medication will be required. In the case of allergies, the pharmacy will ensure that you receive the correct treatment, and if you test positive for gonorrhea, we recommend that you contact your GP to obtain the correct treatment.

It is important to note that we previously treated women with a chlamydia infection with azithromycin. That turns out not to be enough for women, because vaginal chlamydia often goes together with anal chlamydia (even without having had anal sex). That is why, in consultation with the general practitioner and pharmacy, we have chosen to treat women with doxycycline, so that we can prevent undertreatment and help you with your STD as best as possible. If men indicate that they have also had anal sex, they will also be treated with doxycycline (and this is requested by the pharmacist).

Where can I go with a complaint?
We do our very best to help you as best as possible, but it is of course possible that you were not satisfied with something. We think it is important that you are heard and helped as quickly and effectively as possible. If you have a complaint, you can send an email (with a complete and clear description of your complaint) to Then your complaint will be answered within 14 working days. View on this page For more information.