Do I have an STD?

Of course we hope not! But if you've had unprotected sex, there's a chance. Therefore, always pay close attention to the symptoms that fit STDs. In any case, if you have complaints, it is best to have a definite answer as early as possible. If you wait too long, it is possible that you will spread the STD further or that you will have annoying complaints. In short, it is extremely important for you and those around you that you detect and treat any sexually transmitted disease quickly. This way you prevent further progression of the disease and its spread.

What are STD symptoms?

Of course you only know for sure if you have an STD when you have an Order an STD test. But the signs that indicate it could of course be the reason you request an STD test. These can be very diverse. Both men as women can suffer from, among other things:

  • Irritation and itching
  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Ongewone afscheiding of vocht uit de vagina/penis
  • Red skin and / or flakes around your genitals or mouth
  • Warts, blisters, bumps and sores
  • Loss of urine
  • Critters
  • Pain in your abdomen or on your penis or vagina

Each of these complaints is already a reason to make an appointment with your doctor or to consider a test Not sure what to test yet? Then do the first test pointer.

How do you recognize an STD?

The above symptoms can therefore indicate an STD infection. However, doing a reliable STD test is the only way to be absolutely sure. Keep in mind the so-called incubation period: it is important to only test for chlamydia and gonorrhea (the most common sexually transmitted diseases) after 3 weeks after unprotected sex. For HIV, lues and hepatitis, this period is 3 months. Here you can read more about the incubation period and window phase.

So pay close attention to the symptoms and request your STD test in time, or if in doubt make an appointment with your doctor.

When should you test for an STD?

In fact, always when you experience these symptoms and if you think there is a chance that you have contracted an STD. But also if you know that a sex partner - or a partner of that partner - experiences complaints or has tested positive for an STD test. Of course you will not hear this from us, since we handle everyone's data and therefore your data with care. Ordering an STD test and requesting the result is completely anonymous via our website. For example, your data will never be provided to your GP and you even have the option to order your medicines from us. In addition, we are ready for you with appropriate aftercare, so that you always get the right help with a positive result. In this way we keep care professional and accessible.

By the way, feel free to discuss the test result with your doctor and make an appointment if the STD test does not show chlamydia or gonorrhea, while you do experience complaints or have doubts about your health.

Specifieke redenen voor een SOA-test

Hieronder staan een aantal redenen voor het doen van een SOA-test:

  • Je hebt onveilige seks gehad
  • Je hebt klachten die passen bij een SOA
  • Je bent gewaarschuwd voor een SOA
  • Je hebt een vaste relatie en wilt stoppen met het condoom
  • Je bent sinds kort zwanger
  • Je laat een spiraal plaatsen
  • Er is sprake van (andere) risicofactoren (zie ‘Wanneer heb je meer kans op een SOA?’), zoals het geval is als je veel wisselende bedpartners hebt of als je man bent en seks hebt met mannen.

Doorloop de testwijzer om meer duidelijkheid te krijgen over jouw situatie of neem contact op met je huisarts, want in sommige gevallen moet er uitgebreid getest worden.

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