Unique 3-in-1 STD test

We have developed an STD test that allows you to test multiple body areas at once (vagina/penis, anal and oral). We did this because we noticed two things:

  • Some people like to test on multiple body areas to be absolutely sure (while that's not always necessary, you'll read more about that in a moment).
  • Some people have to test on multiple body locations, for example because of certain complaints.

To do that you have to pay for several separate tests and that can quickly become very expensive when you consider that most tests cost around € 50 each. That is why we developed the 3-in-1 test, so that you can test on multiple body areas for a fixed, affordable price, further lowering the threshold for testing.

Often a single test is sufficient

It is important to note that for many people it is not necessary to test on multiple body locations. Unless there is a specific reason, in most cases it is sufficient to do a vaginal test or a urine test.

Men who have sex with men (MSM) are advised to test on all body areas (i.e. urine, anal and oral). Incidentally, MSM generally also have to be tested additionally through blood tests, so keep in mind that a chlamydia and gonorrhea test is insufficient in those cases.

Furthermore, it is wise for everyone - regardless of gender - to also do an anal test if you have had unprotected receptive anal sex (i.e. penis or exchanged sex toys in your anus). In addition, an anal test can be of value to women in general, because in approximately 75% of the cases in which vaginal chlamydia is diagnosed, an anal infection also appears to be present. Please note: nowadays this is often already taken into account when choosing medication for the treatment of vaginal chlamydia.

Have you had unsafe sex and certain symptoms that fit an STD in or near your anus? Then it is also wise to do an anal test.

The chance of one oral STD is even smaller, which means that an oral test is in principle only necessary if you have satisfied someone orally and suffer from throat complaints, or if you have had oral sex and you belong to a risk group (for example MSM or sex workers).

Please note the following

We notice that some people are very happy with the 3-in-1 test, because it makes them less worried and often cheaper than before ordering multiple separate tests. However, keep the following in mind:

  • As described above, it is therefore not always necessary to also test anal and it is even less often necessary to also test orally.
  • The 3-in-1 test does not show where the STD has been diagnosed, only whether an STD has been diagnosed. So you only get a positive or negative result and not a result per body location. For the treatment of men, this means that we ask what the situation is in order to determine which medication is suitable for treatment.

The 3-in-1 chlamydia test costs €44.95 and the 3-in-1 chlamydia + gonorrhea test costs €64.95.

Not sure what to test for? Then do the test pointer. Would you prefer to speak to us personally or do you have other questions? Then feel free to contact us!