Order an STD test

If you have had unprotected sex or experience complaints around your private parts, it is wise to take STDs into account. In that case, contact your GP or order an STD test from us. The SoaStudentArts tests have been developed to check whether you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. We notice that many people, out of shame, have difficulty approaching their GP when they (suspect that they) are infected. Both that restraint and contact with your doctor are ultimately unnecessary! You can order an STD test above, so that you can test at home from your familiar environment without visiting your doctor. This way you prevent discomfort and the spread of STDs. Completely anonymous!

Not sure what to test yet? Then go through the test pointer. This immediately provides clarity about what best suits your situation and which STD test you can order.

Benefits at a glance

  • Anonymously test for STDs at home.
  • Free shipping and delivered within 2 days.
  • Very reliable, performed by certified laboratory.
  • With a positive test, you can immediately order medication.
  • Result within 48 hours (after arrival in lab)
  • Unique 3-in-1 test: one test instead of several separate tests.

Order chlamydia and gonorrhea STD test

In addition to separate chlamydia tests, you can also order combination tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea at SoaStudentArts. This way you do not have to take several separate tests, but with one test you have clarity about several STDs. In addition, we also offer a unique 3-in-1 test, where you can test directly on 3 body locations (penis/vagina + anal + oral). So if you want to test on multiple body locations, it is much cheaper than buying several separate tests. And is the result of your STD test positive? Then you can also order medication directly from us and receive information about good ones aftercare. This is how we make it as accessible and simple as possible!

So, are you experiencing more discharge than usual, a burning sensation when urinating, pain in your genitals, or other discomfort down there? Then order your chlamydia and/or gonorrhea STD test online from us, or contact your GP.

How does an STD test work?

STD test women

To run the test for women, you will receive a set containing the following parts:

  • One or more cotton swabs
  • A test tube with transport fluid
  • An application form
  • A white mailing envelope with a secure sealable bag
  • A tube holder
  • Instructions for use for collection and transport

STD test men

The test for men contains about the same, but also urine is tested for men:

  • A test tube with transport fluid
  • A pipette
  • Possibly one or more cotton swabs
  • An application form
  • A white mailing envelope with a secure sealable bag
  • A tube holder
  • Instructions for use for collection and transport

The swabs must be inserted in the right place to collect a culture. For the woman this can be vaginal, anal and/or oral. For men, the cotton swabs can also be inserted anally and/or orally. In addition, the man can collect urine with a pipette to detect STDs in the genital area. Subsequently, the swabs with culture or the urine can be placed in the tube with transport fluid. Send this with your completed application form to the lab as instructed. Within 48 hours of receiving the STD test in the lab you can results page see.

Why STD testing?

Every year, approximately 200,000 people are found to have an STD. As far as we are concerned, that is 200,000 too many, because they can cause annoying complaints and are also generally easy to treat. prevent. Although STDs do not always cause problems and sometimes even go away on their own, in most cases it is important to know as soon as possible if you have an STD. Then you can treat, and the sooner you do that, the less chance you have of annoying complaints or other problems. In addition, you can pass on STDs to others, so it is important to know in time whether you have an STD in order to prevent the spread. It is, after all, a sexually transmitted disease. There are also sometimes specific reasons to test for STDs, for example if you experience certain complaints or if you are more likely to get STDs than others, but also if you have an IUD fitted or if you are pregnant.

Frequently Asked Questions