Post treatment care

Does an STD test show that you have an STD? Then good aftercare is important to get rid of your STD and to prevent further complaints (and recurrence). If you have a positive result for an STD test that you have seen online with us, there are a number of options. 

Request medication immediately

One of those options is to immediately request the necessary medication from us. You can do this at the same page where your positive result can be seen (or via the result link in your order confirmation). In that case, the pharmacy will contact you and you can receive medication at home. As you are used to from us, the medication will be sent in unrecognizable packaging (discreet shipping).

Other options

If you do not want to request medication from us after a positive test result, we recommend that you contact your doctor. If you live in Groningen and you do not have a doctor, you can here immediately make an appointment with StudentArts for appropriate aftercare.

Of course you can always send us an email if you have any questions or if you want to talk about aftercare. You can do this by emailing

More information about aftercare

  • Consult with us or with your doctor who you should warn. Usually you have to warn sex partners from the last 6 months. Sometimes from one or more years ago.
  • If you prefer not to tell your sexual partners that you have an STD, then the GGD can, with your permission, inform your sexual partners for you. Contact the GGD in your area via the GGD locator.
  • You can also warn your sexual partners online via† This is done via a code that you can get from us, so send an email to if you want to warn your partner(s). Then we will give you a code for partner
  • If you are warned about an STD, take this seriously. Take an STD test, even if you have no complaints.

With a positive result, we recommend that you do not have any form of sex for at least a week after completing the course of antibiotics. We also advise against masturbating for the first week, because this can cause very small cracks in the mucous membrane, so that any 'STD bacteria' that are still present can lead to contamination again.

If you still have questions or would like to talk about your STD test or the result, you can always contact us for aftercare. So do not hesitate to contact us! See the contact information at the bottom of the pages on this website. If you prefer to talk to your own doctor, you can of course schedule a consultation. You are also more than welcome to contact StudentArts: the general practice in Groningen that SoaStudentArts devised and implemented.