Gonorrhea (drip): Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

What is Gonorrhea? Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Gonorrhea is part of the 'Big Five' of venereal diseases, along with chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV. The bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae is the causative agent of gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is often referred to as 'drip' in the vernacular. Gonorrhea can cause inflammation in the vagina, cervix, […]

Scabies (Scabies) Revealed: Symptoms, Infection Risks and Treatment

Lately you read more and more about it: scabies has been found in students or in patients in a hospital. That, of course, raises a lot of questions. What exactly is scabies and how can you get it? Does it have to do with hygiene or is scabies an STD? We will answer you here […]

Can you get an STD from blowjobs or pussy eating?

Do you use a condom or dental dam during oral sex (blowjob, pussy eating or rimming)? There's a good chance you won't, because more than three quarters of the young people who had a blowjob with their last bed partner did not use a condom. And that while the majority of all people who have sex – regardless of whether […]

Sex without physical contact during corona

Safe sex without physical contact with your sex partner (COVID-19) As we described in another blog, it is not exactly easy to have safe sex with the current corona measures. Fortunately, there are also a lot of alternatives that allow you to enjoy sex without being physically intimate with […]

Safe sex during corona

How can you limit the risks of the coronavirus (COVID-19) during sex? Sex is an important part of life for a lot of people and we totally understand that. The coronavirus can significantly affect your sex life (and intimacy and relationships itself), and with it your mental state. In a previous blog we already […]

Sex during the corona crisis

Let's start with the fact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Chances are you already knew that. However, you can contract the coronavirus while having sex. That probably won't surprise you either, since the most important measure to limit the spread of the coronavirus is 1.5 […]