Sex without physical contact during corona

Safe sex without physical contact with your sex partner (COVID-19)

As we in another blog have described, it is not exactly easy to have sex in a safe way with the current corona measures. Fortunately, there are also a lot of alternatives that allow you to enjoy sex without being physically intimate with your sexual partner. The first option is obvious, but it is certainly worth mentioning: masturbate!


Feel free to indulge yourself in these harsh times, because sex with yourself is corona-proof and can provide just the relaxation you needed. You can also masturbate with another person 1.5 meters away, but keep in mind that is not a guarantee to prevent transmission of the coronavirus.

Let's go digital

Since the start of the coronavirus, there has been a fairly clear increase in the number of people who engage in digital sex. Think of sexting or telephone sex, for example via apps, videos or audio. That can be a lot of fun - and in that regard, corona may even offer a great opportunity to discover this - but keep in mind that you should only do this in consultation and with the consent of the recipient. In line with Soa Aids Nederland, we recommend not to make video recordings or, if you would like to, never share those images with others (and therefore not to post them on the internet). Another tip: make sure that your face and other (spatially) recognizable things that you can be recognized are not visible on the images. Check? Then feel free to turn on that webcam! And are you a fan of group sex? Then Skype, Zoom or Teams might offer a solution ...


You may not be able to imagine it, but there is a reasonable chance that your grandfather or grandmother has already had some form of sexting. Namely with pen and paper! Go crazy and put your fantasies on paper. You can share this with someone else (of course in consultation and with permission) or do it for yourself so that you can use your creations again at a later time.


Do you have a sex buddy but are you currently taking it easy because of the corona virus? Then you can still keep it exciting from a distance by experimenting with remote-controlled sex toys, for example. Consider, for example, a vibrator that can be inserted and controlled by your partner from a distance with an app. Do you not have this equipment at home and your student has not yet arrived? Then you can go for the free version and give each other spicy assignments to keep it exciting. And if you really can't stand it anymore, you can go in this blog read tips on how to be intimate safely during the corona crisis. In addition to the measures regarding corona, of course also take into account STDs and take a test if you think you have an STD.