Anonymous STD test

Tens of thousands of STD infections take place in the Netherlands every year. It's nothing to be ashamed of; but it is very annoying. Many people continue to have STD-related complaints because they find a visit to the doctor inconvenient. In addition, it is important to note that doing an STD test via the general practitioner is not completely anonymous. Since it is important that SOA's are detected in time, an anonymous SOA test can be the solution.

With an anonymous STD test, the general practitioner or health insurance company is never informed that an STD test has been performed. In addition, your personal data will not be linked to the results of your anonymous STD test. Order an anonymous SOA test directly? That's possible at SoaStudentArts.

How does an anonymous SOA test work?

You can easily order the anonymous SOA test via our website. The test is then delivered to your home, to which you only have to follow the instructions for use. This way you can anonymously test SOA from your own trusted environment. You then send the smear back to us, after which it is analyzed in a lab.

You will then receive a unique code that is not linked to your data; in this way we guarantee the anonymity of the SOA test. You use the code to view your SOA test anonymously in a safe environment. Is your test positive? Then you can request suitable treatment for the relevant STD, again anonymously. The STD can then be treated from your own home.

Reliability anonymous SOA test

The anonymity of the tests at SoaStudentArts does not affect the reliability of the SOA test. Our tests are comparable to the tests that are taken at the GGD or through the general practitioner. The SOA test that you order through us and take it yourself at home is also analyzed in a certified lab.

The only difference with an anonymous SOA test is that you can do the testing yourself from your own trusted place. However, there are also anonymous STD tests that are not analyzed by the GP; but where you get the results immediately at home. These tests where you get immediate results are absolutely not reliable and the results are unreliable.

Which anonymous SOA test to order?

Do you have STD-related complaints but are you not sure which test to order? With our test pointer you will find out within a number of questions which SOA test we recommend. Unique to us is the Gonorrhea and Chlamydia 2-in-1 test. Are your complaints not completely clear or do you want even more certainty? Then you can immediately exclude two different STDs with this 2-in-1 test. Completely anonymous of course!