What is an STD home test?

A STD home test is made to test yourself anonymously and reliably, without that
having to go to the doctor. A home test is simple and can be done from your own safe environment
take. It is then analyzed by a general practitioner in a certified lab. This process
is similar to STD testing that is done through the GP. So nothing is at the expense of the
reliability and accuracy when you choose an STD test at home. You can get the results online
view anonymously and if necessary you will immediately receive the correct after-treatment.

How does an STD home test work?

When you have had unsafe sex or experience the discomfort of an STD, it is important to
to do an STD test in time. If you prefer not to go to a doctor, you can go online anonymously
order an STD home test. It is wise to fill in our test guide beforehand, so that you
sure that you ordered the correct test. Our tests are delivered within 3 working days. You
receives a test kit including instructions for use containing all the requirements for the STD test
to take at home. Taking the test is painless and easy. After purchasing you send in the kit
the enclosed envelope back to our certified lab. There the STD becomes home test
analysed. You will then receive the results online within 4 working days. With a positive result
you can immediately request the right treatment. This is also sent to you anonymously and you can
perform yourself.

Is an STD home test reliable?

Whether an STD home test is reliable depends on the organization where you order it. Because there exist
different types of home tests. For example, some parties offer STD tests that you can do directly at home
give a result. These tests are not reliable. It is important that the test is carried out by a
professional in a laboratory is checked. When you opt for an STD test, it does
sent to the lab, you don't have to worry about reliability.
The analysis process of an STD home test then proceeds in the same way as a test that you would otherwise receive at the
doctor would take. You can also check whether the organization is recognized as a reliable test provider. For example, SoaStudentArts is officially a reliable STD according to SOA AIDS Netherlands
home test provider.

Although the costs for STD home tests that give immediate results are lower, we strongly recommend
to order these. It is important for your own health to detect STDs in time. Better
safe than sorry!

Pros and cons STD home test

A big advantage of STD testing at home is that you don't have to go to the doctor. We notice that
many, especially young people, experience a barrier to go to the doctor when they think they have a
to have STD. In addition, the cost of an STD home test is relatively cheap. When you a
If you take a test at the doctor's office, you quickly pay €150. You can buy one from us from €39.95 Buy STD test.

A disadvantage is that not all organizations offer reliable STD home tests. As before
mentioned, it is important to pay attention to whether the test is performed in a certified laboratory
analysed. In addition, it can be difficult to determine which STD test to order. Before that
do we have the STD test guide designed to help you choose the right STD home test.
In addition, we offer combi tests for both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Aren't you 100% about you
case, then it is smart to order it. Then you can rule out two STDs with one test!
In short: an STD home test offers more advantages than disadvantages, provided you order it from the right party.
SoaStudentArts is recognized by SOA AIDS Netherlands as a reliable test provider. Go for
certainty and let us test you anonymously.