Chlamydia and Gonorrhea STD Test (3-in-1: throat + anus + urine)


  • Cheap test, 1 test instead of 6 separate tests.
  • Very reliable, performed by certified laboratory.
  • Checked by the doctor.
  • Pick up at home and send free of charge.

Note: it is recommended that you first test pointer and do not get tested until 3 weeks after your last unsafe sexual contact if you have no complaints. Previously, a possible infection is not demonstrable. If you experience symptoms (such as blisters or abnormal discharge) you can test earlier.

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These STD tests are intended for men with complaints and MSM men as a screening. This STD test is greatly simplified and can be performed at home. You can hand it in at StudentArts Hanzeplein 121 or send it by mail.

The test package contains two cotton swabs and a corresponding laboratory tube (filled with liquid) and a pipette, a manual and a shipping envelope.

It is tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea and if desired at 3 different places, so 6 test options. The test consists of an oral smear, an anal smear and a urine test, which does not require any preparations:

  • Collect urine in cup.
  • Extract the urine. Use the pipette supplied and top up the laboratory tube to halfway through the 'window'.
  • Use the cotton swab provided to perform a smear down the back of your throat.Smear, in the back of the throat, over your tonsils.
  • Insert the cotton swab into the laboratory tube and break it off.Leave the rest of the stick in the tube.
  • Repeat the steps above for the anal smear, place it in the same tube and then close the cap well.
  • Place the test in the provided envelope once you have completed these steps according to the instructions, and hand it in at StudentArts Hanzeplein 121 or send it via post.

You can view the (anonymous) results within 3-5 business days anonymous on this website.