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STD test man

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Test anonymously from €39.95 with our 3-in-1 STD test for chlamydia. Also exclude the chance of Gonorrhea? Take the anonymous Chlamydia and Gonorrhea combination test for €59.95.

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Briefly about the process

Ease of testing at home

You will receive the STD test within 2 working days. You can perform this painlessly and easily at home, so a visit to the GGD or GP is not necessary.

Free shipping to the lab

The SOA test is analyzed in a certified laboratory for a reliable result.

Online results

Your results will be available online within 4 working days via a secure connection. If necessary, you can request treatment immediately.

Importance of STD test for men

Students have great responsibilities to themselves and to each other. For example, it is very important that sex is consensual and safe in order to avoid unnecessary risks. Chlamydia and gonorrhea (also called dripper) are the most common and most contagious venereal diseases among men. These STDs can have lasting effects such as urinary tract infections, inflammation of the epididymis or ultimately infertility. Do you feel like you might have something left over from your latest adventure? Prevent it from being spread and order your STD test for men anonymously and securely at Soa Student Arts. We offer low-threshold care of the highest quality, including home-delivered medication. This way you don't have to go to the GP or GGD!

  • Anonymous combined test: 1 test instead of 6 separate tests.
  • Intended for screening and for complaints.
  • Very reliable, performed by certified laboratory.
  • To be collected at home and send by post yourself (or return in Groningen)
  • Results within 3 working days. Immediate post-treatment possible.

Please note: you are recommended to order the STD self-test for men in advance test pointer to do so, so that you are sure that you order the correct test. In addition, you can only be tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea after 3 weeks after unsafe sexual contact. read here more about the incubation period of STDs. In addition, men who have sex with men (MSM) fall into a risk group and are advised to undergo additional testing in addition to this test.

How does an STD test work in men

After you have ordered an STD home test for men from us, the test kit will be delivered to your home within a few days, with the following contents:

  • Two cotton swabs (anus and throat)
  • A urine pipette
  • A yellow window-tinted tube with transport fluid
  • An application form
  • A blue transport envelope with a secure seal bag
  • A user manual for collection and transport

For the STD test for men, you can test three body areas: namely the genitals, the throat and the anus. We recommend always testing all areas. With the cotton swabs you can make a swab of the anus and throat. Then break the rods and place them together in the tube containing the transport solution. To test the male genitals for an STD, collect urine with the pipette and drop the contents into the same tube halfway through the window. Then close the tube and send it to our lab together with your completed application form. After 3 to 5 working days you can order the results page request. With our STD self-test for men you will know quickly and easily whether you are infected.


How does it work?

We have made it as simple as possible. Do you not yet know exactly whether (and on what) you should test? Then do the test pointer.

Go for sure and test yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common STD symptoms in men are itching, pain, or swelling of the genitals. In addition, there may also be discharge from the penis or warts may develop. Some men even get fever or flu-related symptoms. On the other hand, it is also common for men to experience no symptoms, despite the fact that they do have an STD. You can therefore always err on the side of caution after unsafe sex by taking an STD test. With us you will receive an STD test for men completely anonymously within a few days!

After ordering an STD test, you will receive a test kit from us with everything you need to test yourself at home. You will receive a set with which you can test three body areas at the same time. You test the anus and throat by making a swab with a cotton swab, and the genitals by collecting urine with a pipette. All you then have to do is send everything to the lab, and you will receive the results within 3 to 5 working days. Everything simple and anonymous from home!

No. Anyone can order our STD tests, even if you are not a student. The reason we focus on students is because our experience (as a general practitioner) has shown that students are a risk group with a relatively high number of STDs. Our goal is to help and keep as many people as possible from their STDs, which is why we made this choice. But don't worry: everyone can use our STD tests!

You can view the results of your STD test anonymously via this website, if you have sent the STD test to the lab free of charge by post. Enter the unique code you received from the lab in your email on the results page page. This can be done within 3-5 working days after sending to the lab (note that most mailboxes are emptied by the postal service at 5 pm).

Research has shown that vaginal chlamydia often coexists with anal chlamydia, even if you haven't had anal sex. Anal chlamydia requires a different treatment than chlamydia in the genital area. At the moment, many authorities only test in one sex area, so women often do not receive the treatment they need to fight 'all' chlamydia. That is why we have developed a unique 3-in-1 test in which you have your genital, anal and oral tested and therefore have more certainty of a reliable result. An additional advantage for you: this is also a lot cheaper than ordering several separate tests!

You will not receive a message, but you can view the results anonymously within 3-5 working days if you have sent the STD test to the lab free of charge by post.

No. StudentArts is a general practice for residents and students in Groningen. SoaStudentArts was conceived and implemented from this practice, so that you are assured of high-quality test quality. You do not need to be registered with this practice to use our STD tests: anyone can order our STD tests.