Sex during the corona crisis

Let's start with the coronavirus (COVID-19) no sexually transmitted infection (STD) is. Chances are that you already knew that. However, you can catch the coronavirus while having sex. That will probably not surprise you, since the most important measure to limit the spread of the corona virus is keeping 1.5 meters away. That makes having sex a bit complicated, of course. In this blog, we will answer some questions you may have regarding the coronavirus and sex for you. read here what tips we have for you to still enjoy sex in the safest possible way during the current corona crisis.

Can I still have sex now that the corona virus plays such a big role in daily life?

Technically you can of course still have as much sex as you want, but whether it is wise (or in line with current regulations) depends on the situation. In principle you can (continue to) have sex with your partner who lives in your house. If you experience or your partner experiences symptoms that indicate a corona infection, it is wise to keep your distance and stay indoors as much as possible. And that means that it is also better not to have sex and that you should get tested for the corona virus. If that result is negative and you have no complaints for more than 24 hours, love can be made again with peace of mind.

If you do not live with your (potential) partner, then according to the guidelines it is better not to have sex. Because yes, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters remains the norm. But we also understand that in reality it will sometimes be different and that's why we have one blog written with tips for anyone who wants to have sex despite COVID-19.

Can I get the coronavirus from jerking off, fingering, sucking, or eating pussy?

Yes, you can get the coronavirus after oral sex, jerking off or fingering. As we stated earlier, the coronavirus is not an STD and there is no direct evidence that you can get or pass on the virus through semen, pre-cum or moisture from the vagina. But it doesn't really matter what you do, if you are close to someone who is infected with the corona virus, you can also contract the virus yourself. Just as is the case with a simple cold.

Are you more or less likely to get the corona virus with anal sex?

The coronavirus has been detected in faeces. However, there is no reason to assume that you have more or less chance of contracting corona with anal sex than with vaginal sex, for example.

Is it strange that my partner or I have less sex drive?

No, that is not surprising. The coronavirus has caused a lot of change in a short time and has turned out to be quite drastic for many people. Everyone deals with this differently. You may feel more stressed or worried, which may reduce your sex drive. However, it can also be the other way around: some people have more sex (or want to do so) because, for example, they have more time, are more together with their partner or have more stress, which makes them more interested in sex. This all depends on who you are and how you respond to the changes that the coronavirus brings.

Can I still get tested for an STD at the doctor or GGD?

Yes, you can still go to your doctor or GGD to request an STD test. Keep in mind that some GGDs and STI clinics have less space for STD consultation hours because of the crowds that the corona virus entails. This can also mean that you sometimes have to wait a little longer for the results of your STD test. The GGD expects to be able to offer regular STD care again from 1 September. For the most recent information, visit your website GGD.

Would you rather not go to the doctor or the GGD for an STD test, for example because you want to be helped quickly and anonymously? Then you can here also order an STD test from us.

Can I still work as a sex worker now?

As of 1 July, sex workers are allowed to practice their profession again. Be aware of the risks that this can entail and adhere to the guidelines. Read up more about the measures you can take to protect yourself and others. And apart from that: of course get yourself tested for STDs regularly.

Is it true that the pill is less reliable for vomiting or diarrhea?

That's right, indeed. The pill may be less reliable for complaints such as vomiting and diarrhea. It may then be wise to take the pill again. It is advisable to discuss these matters with your doctor.

Are you more likely to contract the coronavirus if you have HIV?

According to STI AIDS Netherlands there is currently no reason to assume that people with HIV are more likely to contract corona than people without HIV. It is also expected that in principle the corona virus does not have to proceed differently if you have HIV. You are more likely to get the coronavirus if you have HIV and:

  • have low immunity (less than 200 CD4)
  • also have other complaints or illnesses (for example COPD, heart complaints and diabetes)
  • are older
  • are overweight
  • smokes

If you have HIV and are not treated for it, you will have a weaker immune system. This increases the chance that you will become sicker in those cases. Do you think there is a chance that you have contracted HIV? Then get tested and talk to a professional, such as your doctor.